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The story of Nisha and Manoj, which took them by surprise at their home in a posh part of the city, has gone viral. The two met when their parents invited them for dinner at the home of the former prime minister of India. But their parents were so surprised at how attractive and charming Nisha was, they even proposed to her.

Manoj, a lawyer, says that he had been working for a while to be able to marry Nisha, so they decided to have a quick visit to see their friend.

"We came out of the house. We were surprised by how beautiful she was. I thought she looked so dominican republic single man's paradise cute and pretty. I tried isle of man dating sites to go in and ask for her, but she just smiled and pushed the door shut. I thought it was such a pity, but she said, 'I'm already married.' So I said, 'I'm ready to marry you.' She said, 'OK, then. It's my decision.' Then I asked her, 'Would you want a divorce?' She looked at me and said, 'No. I will never marry you. My husband is a great guy.' Then I said, 'You have two kids. You want to be separated?' She said, 'Yes, of course.' So then I said, 'OK, then you need to get divorced and I will be your wife.' She was so sad because she really wanted to get married. She got angry because she didn't know how to handle it. I said, 'If you want to get divorced, it's your decision. We will go to our lawyers and figure out a divorce.' She was like, 'No.' I said, 'I will pay your divorce. You pay mine.' It's a big deal. And I have kids. I told her that we had been through it, and she said, 'That's what they want you to do.' You know, the typical, the average guy is gonna say, 'Well, I'm not gonna get divorced until I find the perfect girl, and she won't be a model, but she will be very much what I want her to be.' But she is the only one I have ever really tried to date. It's like I'm looking for something, but it doesn't exist.

"We met and we hit it off really, really well. And we have been on dates since then. There's not a day that I don't go on a date with her. You know, this is how I see it. It was just like we had a lot in common. We both lived in America. We both have this idea that we are perfect for each other. "I was just surprised. I think I would like you, too, for someone who would love you." -Me. "No, I'm not into you." -Me. "I'm sorry." -Me. "No, that's not it. I don't like the way you look." -Me. "No, I love you. I've been thinking about this since we first met. We're not dating, we're... we're dating each other. I am so happy. I'm glad I made it here." -Me.

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