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Read More: Black men can be gay, but we all need to be aware of that fact . The most gay and lesbian men are from South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The world-wide study of sexuality and relationships, conducted by the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, revealed that over half of the top-earning countries on Earth were Asian countries. Most of these are African countries. In the United States, white men dominate the top spot, accounting for over two-thirds of the population. Of the 2.2 million men surveyed, white men are more likely than all other race groups to report that they are gay or lesbian. Men in this group are more likely to be straight, bisexual, or asexual than gay, lesbian, or heterosexual. Black men tend to be more than twice as likely to be bisexual as straight. "We see a lot of guys who are attracted to the opposite gender. The most common one is men," says Michael Cusimano, director of the University of Essex's Social, Economic and Cultural Research Institute and one of the authors of the study. "They're not going out and having a bunch of guys come and have fun." As the number of gay and lesbian men increases, the number of heterosexual men will likely decrease. "I'm not too sure if gay black men websites we're going to see the decline in men, or if it's more going to happen in women," he says. "There's a lot of evidence that says women are having more sex. So men should probably not be concerned with it." Cusimano, whose work has been cited by the Pew Research Center, says there are several reasons why men have been "over-represented" in the study. The most obvious one is that gay and lesbian men are already out there in the world, and that they are more likely to be single. Another reason is that the majority of men who have afrointroductions login been outed have never been married. (In fact, in a recent survey, a higher percentage of women than men said they had never been married.) As for what to do about the men, "I think it would be good to talk to the guys, to help them understand what's going on and what they can do." Anecdotally, men and women who have been outed are generally quite accepting of their newfound fame. According to the new study, they seem to be less upset about the "tasteless" attention they have received. "They feel that it is more fun and exciting," says Cusimano. "Women, on the other hand, are more upset that they have not dominican republic single man's paradise gotten the recognition they deserved." The second study also looked at the dating habits of gay and lesbian men. It also found that men are more likely than women to be married. So that's one way to explain why men who have been outed are more accepting of their new status than women are. The authors of this new study suggested that the more a man has been in the public eye, the more "social proof" he has that he is not a stranger to sex. "He would have to be completely at the other end of the scale to find out that men aren't sexually repressed," says Cusimano. This study comes after previous research which showed that men were more likely to be cheated on and cheat on their wives than women. The researchers, led by Christopher Lasch, also found that men were less likely to engage in a new relationship if their wife found out about their secret. "It's the difference between the two," says Cusimano. "If you're in a stable, long-term relationship and your top sexy black men wife finds out and that means something bad is going isle of man dating sites to happen, your wife may be very upset. If you're a ebony and ivory dating serial monogamist, she's probably going to feel more relieved because you're not going to be putting yourself in that sort of a situation."

The findings of the study could have implications for relationships as sexy old black ladies men become less able to conceal their sexuality. "Women are finding out about themselves and they're finding out more about what they like. Men are having to hide something that's not that important."

According to Lasch, people who are monogamous are more likely to be cheating on their spouses than men who aren't, but monogamy is still more common. "I wouldn't call it a huge increase," he says. "It's a fairly small percentage, maybe a third or a bit more."

The researchers found that women are less likely to feel happy when they're dating the same man more than four times, and even more when they are dating different men. "If someone is very stable, and the couple is long-term, I think a couple might be able to sustain that.