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The Story of "Harmony"

This is a story of a girl who wanted to be the next sexiest black girl, but couldn't find it in the black community. And it didn't matter if you called her "Sasha" or "Harmony". She was just another girl that wanted to be black and not be a victim. She was also a high schooler who had a bad reputation for being the first girl to give head to a guy who was much bigger than her. And her first boyfriend was a guy who had never even seen her breasts.

Harmony was a young girl that was always in trouble. She was always kicked out of school for messing around with other black girls, was picked on at school because she didn't look black enough, and was bullied because she was a black girl. She never had a good friend, her friends were mostly guys, and she top sexy black men had no one to share her love for her black lover. That all changed when ebony and ivory dating she met her first black boyfriend. Harmony had had her first boyfriend for 3 days when she was 15 years old. She was so surprised when he took a liking to her, he was very passionate, and would give her what she wanted in life. This boyfriend also had a large cock. It was so big, that it was hard to hold onto, and when it came in contact with her pussy he would feel her warm wetness, and fuck her. One day, after a long day of being fucked in the butt by his large black cock, Harmony decided isle of man dating sites to do something to make her happy. She decided to make her own porno. She called it "Mighty Big Black Cock", which basically refers to her big black cock that is always on display. She had no idea how much of an impact it would have. The video was taken from the top of a building in Miami, and when the camera came back she was lying on the street, with her black boyfriend. She told the camera "My boyfriend is really good at making me cum, but this is my first time, and I didn't think that would be so good!" After a little bit of laughing, she told the camera "I had to suck his dick first, and then I was allowed to suck his cock! That's my favorite part of sucking cock, not the blowjob!" After all that, the boyfriend came back from the toilet and said "I want you to take my dick into your mouth, and suck my white big cock!" Harmony started sucking his dick, and she was going to take his whole dick in her mouth and get it all nice and hard before swallowing it. Harmony's boyfriend took her by the hand and led her over to a couch where she laid on the couch with her legs up and her mouth wide open. Her boyfriend started to make love to her. As his big black cock was entering her mouth, she couldn't even hold her mouth open as she got used to it. Her boyfriend began to give her his biggest black cock. She moaned and sucked him hard, moaning in pleasure, as she came on his cock. Harmony had never felt a big black cock like that before in her life.

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