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1 in 10 African-Americans are single:

1 in 10 black men in the United States are not married, according to a report published this week in the New England gay black men websites Journal of Medicine, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the report, African-Americans are still the most likely demographic to live single lives. In the United States, the number of single African-Americans has increased over the last ten years, from 8.4% of the population in 2007 to 13.1% in 20

African-Americans are more likely to be single than whites, in some ways. "The black male's lack of marriage leads to high rates of unemployment, incarceration, substance abuse and family conflict," the report states. "Many single African-Americans live in areas of high poverty." This, the authors say, makes it more difficult to find a romantic partner and less likely that they will ever be able to start a family. "African-Americans are often at the epicenter of poverty and the poorest parts of their communities. Black youth are twice as likely to be arrested and incarcerated as whites, and their unemployment rate is twice as high," the report states. "And the most impoverished black youth in the United States are more likely to live in poverty than those in any other ethnic group, including Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and American Indians."

African-Americans are less likely than whites to have college degrees, a recent Pew Research Center study found. In 2010, 41% of blacks had college degrees, compared with 58% of whites, a figure that has been rising steadily since the mid-1980s. It's not hard to see why: Despite a higher rate of education among African-Americans, they have lower rates of graduation from college, and also have higher rates of being unemployed. In 2006, for example, more than 20% of African-Americans ages 20 dominican republic single man's paradise to 24 were unemployed, compared with 6% of whites. That's not because African-Americans are less educated, but because of a lack of opportunity and opportunity for advancement, researchers say.

"We've seen over the last couple of decades that a lot of our black ebony and ivory dating kids haven't seen the benefits of the economic recovery," said Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness." "There's been a lot of economic stagnation and joblessness for black youth for most of this century." And as it stands now, a lot of black boys are growing up without an opportunity to advance in the middle class. And their white peers can't even afford to buy their own homes, let alone have them renovated. But as African-Americans continue to struggle with their own social class divisions, Alexander says, the problem will only get worse. "The racial disparities in life and wealth and education are going to be very hard to get out of," she said. "And as we move forward as a nation, we need to deal with this issue." The numbers show a lot of black men are having a harder time making ends meet. For the most part, the black boys in the study have fewer financial resources than the white boys. Most black boys are living in poverty, or close to it. For example, the black teen's annual income is $1,839, compared to $2,711 for the white teen. The survey found that about 40 percent of black teen boys were unemployed at the time of the survey. The unemployment rate for black teens is twice that of whites. In contrast, about afrointroductions login a third of white teen boys are unemployed.

The research shows that black males are less likely to graduate from high school, earn high school diplomas, and earn a four-year college degree than the overall black population, although they do have higher rates of college enrollment. The percentage of black men in prison was the highest of any ethnic group, at about 26 percent. The black teen's annual income is about $1,839, which is less than the average white teen's income. The black teenage population is also more likely to be incarcerated and to be involved in drug trafficking sexy old black ladies and prostitution. The survey found that black teens are more likely than their white peers to commit violent crimes, and a significant minority, about 3 percent, have been arrested for drug trafficking or prostitution. The Black Youth Project at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, in partnership with the Department of Justice, found that a third of all black male high school students had committed a violent crime by the time they reached 16. Black teens and young adults are also more likely than other racial groups to smoke cigarettes and to use marijuana. The average black male was arrested for a violent crime at about the same rate as his white and Hispanic counterparts. According to the survey, black boys had the second highest rate of arrest for property offenses. In a report by the Department of Education, "Race and the Classroom," it is found that black students are significantly less likely to be in good grades than white students. It also found that about a third isle of man dating sites of black students, or about 24 percent, fail to graduate high school. "The data also show that many African-American students live in poverty," says John M. Emshwiller, chairman of the department of sociology at the University of Florida and one of the report's authors.