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single nigerian ladies looking for husband

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We are Nigerian women from different walks of life and we have found it hard to find a guy who matches our lifestyle. That is why i decided to write a wedding guide for single Nigerians. I am not a wedding planner, I am a wedding planner from my home and i have to arrange events for my clients. I will share my experience and tips for finding a husband and single Nigerians that are ready to make a life together. I have also created a handy checklist so you can follow my process and avoid any mistakes. In the next article, we will discuss about the best places to visit for your honeymoon and marriage. Now, here is the list of best places in Nigeria to have a honeymoon. This guide is not all inclusive, there are many other reasons why a honeymoon can be a good idea.

1) Niger Nigeria – Beautiful

The scenery in Niger Nigeria is very different from the surrounding countries. There is a large variety of beautiful landscapes, from forest to desert, mountains to hills, and it is the only place in Nigeria that is both tropical and temperate, so you can feel the tropical weather. You have many beautiful landscapes to explore, and even better, there are lots of things to see and do during your honeymoon. You can easily spend time exploring the country on the beach, kayaking, canoeing and even horseback riding. In some places you can see animals, and in some parts you can see elephants, and even birds. The country is also rich in natural beauty, and it can be said that it is an ecological paradise.

2) Niger Nigeria – Good weather

The country of Nigeria is blessed with excellent weather for any travelers. Not only do you have a lot of natural beauty to see and do, but you can also spend your honeymoon in this country.

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1. How do single nigerian ladies decide to get married?

In Nigeria, there are a lot of factors which affect the decision to get married. First, marriage is an economic decision which means the bride and the groom's family have to pay the dowry, which is a set amount of money which is used to finance the marriage. A dowry is also required from the groom's family to pay for the bride.

The dowry is one of the things which sexy old black ladies makes the single nigerian lady marry. So she should have all these things in mind before the day of the wedding and her family members have to be convinced by her to make the decision to marry. Here's the list of the most crucial considerations for a nigerian lady that goes into her decision to get married:

A) How many kids are the couple expecting to have?

This is the most important consideration because if you don't have any kids by the time you are ready to get married, you might face problems.

It's quite common to find girls who are single nigerian. So they might have only one child and their mother will be the primary provider of her children. A afrointroductions login girl of the same family, who has two kids, will likely not be able to get married to her second husband.

B) Are you willing to share custody of the children?

This is also very important. If you are not in a close relationship, there will be many problems when you get married. It's a wise choice to share parenting time, as a single nigerian girl can have a great responsibility in raising your kids.

What beginners should know about single nigerian ladies looking for husband

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