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The most common question I receive is, "How can I find a good black guy?" It's hard to say how many black guys I've been in contact with that are good, but it's pretty high. A lot of black guys are really into music, and many of them have a lot of time on their hands. I was always really into that, especially since I was in college. When I got out, there was nothing to do but play and work in music. I was pretty much an all-around rock and roll kind of guy, and that has a lot to do with it. I've met guys that are into the hip hop and the R&B, and I've been in touch with a few guys from that genre that are really into it. I've always been into rap and hip hop, but I'm a little more into rock and roll. I'm not a huge hip hop fan, but I'm not bad at hip hop either. I've been really into the metal side of the music world, and that's what made me want to get into the metal scene. I was into metal from the time I was in high school. I just really liked the sound and the whole style of it, and from there I've just been into it ever since.

I know you said that sexy old black ladies when you're into something, it doesn't matter if you're from a country like China or Japan. It's still something to be into. I think that was a little weird, but I'm a little into Chinese culture and they're very different from us, so I just gay black men websites want to find a group of people that are similar, but not too similar. But dominican republic single man's paradise there are a lot of Chinese musicians out there, and I'm trying to find people that are good and talented, but I really don't like to be around anyone who doesn't like metal, which is a little bit hard to do sometimes. I think if you've already heard the music, I think it's pretty much all I can say about it.

I love metal, it's one of my favorite things. It's a lot of fun, and I've never been a big punk. I was into it when I was really young, like around '98, and I think it took me about five or six years to really start liking it because I was always really shy and didn't really play the drums, and then, like, I got my first isle of man dating sites guitar a couple of years later, and I got ebony and ivory dating really into it because I had friends who were in bands. I had these little friends who would play my first band and they'd give me drums, and I'd just play top sexy black men them and go, "Yeah, this is cool!" I don't really like a lot of afrointroductions login metal because it just takes so much energy, and it's just so loud, and it's just not fun. I was kind of a metal head before I went to college, but I haven't really been a fan of metal since then. I think that the metal band I was in, it started about ten years ago and I didn't like it, I never really cared for it and then I kind of got back into it later on in my life. I didn't really like it so much. It's pretty much just a metal band. But yeah, it's a lot of fun, and there's something about metal that's really attractive to me, you know? So, yeah, I guess I kind of fell in love with it as a kid, and then I guess you could say I became a "metalhead" when I became older. Like, I've been a huge fan of metal since I was like, thirteen, fourteen. And I've always been into punk, and really since I got to college and I really started to study a bit, a lot of my friends were into all kinds of different bands, and there was always, you know, like, a really interesting kind of scene in the UK that I really like, so I was always into a lot of metal and stuff. So, I always kind of gravitated towards the metal scene, but I think there was some other stuff that was kind of like more of a lifestyle thing, and like, you know, like my boyfriend is a pretty big metalhead.

It's funny, you've done some interviews where you kind of say you didn't even realize you were that into metal, and then you kind of go, "Oh, yeah, of course I'm into it. It's what I do." I know you were into punk before, right? So, you know, I mean, I do, and I like, I'm actually a huge fan of the Black Sabbath record, but I think when you see my band, it's just a lot more metal than that, you know? Like I'm not really into heavy metal, you know? Like the sound, and I don't know if I've been very serious about it, but when I was doing the videos for my album, "The End", it really did have a kind of, kind of, like, this kind of, I don't know, you know, kind of "rocker", "metalcore" sound to it, and so, I kind of just started writing more and more, and I guess that's one of the reasons why people are liking us, right? Like, I guess, I'm just really into a lot of different kinds of music.